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Hacienda del Mar Resort in the Pearl Islands, Panama

Hacienda del Mar Resort in the Pearl Islands, Panama

Visiting Hacienda del Mar Resort is an adventure. Fly aboard a 12 passenger Cessna Caravan operated by Air Panama from Panama City to the Archipelago of Las Perlas. The plane lands on a dirt runway, a skill that only expert pilots can do.

An island with a lot of history

The airport is at the end of the island, which is the second largest in the Archipelago, with an area of 44 km ². The island was originally used for training by US soldiers in the 1940s. They built infrastructure on the island, which was continued by its next owner, Earl Tupper, who invented Tupperware.

San Jose Island is now private and has 35 pristine beaches with fine sand in white, black and golden colors, as well as underwater caves. The soil of the island is extremely fertile which is useful to plant organic food for the guests. Its vegetation is impressive, with a gallery forest with trees that reach 80 feet. In this island new species of plants were discovered, that were baptized with names of commanders of World War II.

Discover a wealth of species and plants

Adventure lovers will be happy exploring the island by land or water. An ATV tour can take you through the jungle to find waterfalls 60 feet high. You can also do a night safari.

San José Island is a zoo where you can see animals in their natural environment. The island has a population of more than 3,000 wild boars, deer, agoutis, iguanas, ñeques, armadillos, anteaters, etc. There are more than 100 species of birds including pigeons, parrots, owls, owls, toucans and macaws. The beaches are used by many sea turtles for the purpose of nesting and putting their eggs.

For those who prefer to explore by sea, it is possible go in a kayak or stand up paddle to visit beaches near the hotel. Rent a boat and take a fishing tour. You can catch Pez Vela, Dorados, Snapper, Corvina, Wahoo, Pargo Cobera, Tuna, Sierra, Bojalá and more. The waters near San José Island have won sixteen world records of Black Marlin fishing.

The waters of the island are visited by humpback whales from June to October each year. You can also see hundreds of manta rays as you stroll through the seas.

First class accommodation with a rustic charm

Hacienda del Mar Resort has 17 cabanas each with its own balcony offering incredible panoramic views of the beach and the Pacific Ocean. The cabins are built with the finest white “cane” Panamanian and pine wood. Guests will enjoy all modern amenities, including double or king beds, air conditioning, fans, spacious private bathrooms with natural light and hot and fresh water.

The Clubhouse is built 75 feet above sea level, at a majestic point. An infinity pool will allow you to enjoy the most picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean and beaches.

A sunny dining room serves delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners daily, including tropical fruits and fresh seafood. Within the Clubhouse you will find a sports bar for cocktails and evening gatherings with digital satellite TV, pool table, darts and table games.

Discover the elegance of nature in the Pacific Pearl at Hacienda del Mar Resort by writing to [email protected] or calling 507 202-6880 for assistance planning your vacation in Panama.

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